How to Sell Your Spanish Fort House Even if You are Behind on Your Mortgage

As the country begins to return somewhat to normal as we recover from and find ways to live with the pandemic, many families still find themselves struggling financially. People all over America are unfortunately behind on their mortgages and have other financials restrictions from the trials the past year and a half has brought. If you’ve been thinking downsizing or just moving, there is a way to do it when you owe money on your house. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind.

Don’t Delay

Should you find yourself among those in this position currently, don’t hesitate, especially if your lender has started communicating that foreclosure is on the horizon. Going ahead and selling your home might be the best option. Talk to your lender and let them know the steps you are taking. Keeping open lines of communication is important to avoid making errors. Failure to act leads to complicated foreclosure processes. Selling will not free you from the financial and legal obligation to the lender, but it can help you become financially stable enough to pay off your debt to them.

Avoid Selling on Your Own

On the surface, undertaking the task of selling your Spanish Fort house may appear to be a money-saving solution.  There is a tremendous deal of paperwork and deadlines. Understanding the value and asking price of your property can be difficult as well. Should you successfully sell the home, you’ll need to understand there are legal risks involved. Any major repairs discovered after closing, even if previously unknown, could mean facing legal risks on your own as well.

Avoid Using a Real Estate Agent

Using a real estate agent is a lenghty process that will cost you more money than what you are wanting to pay if you are already behind on a mortgage. Unless your property is in mint condition, repairs, renovations, and upgrades may be required. Real estate agents include a staging strategy at your expense as a part of the overall marketing and advertising budget. You’ll also be responsible for paying commissions and closing costs. 

Considering Selling Directly

If you are considering to sell your Spanish Fort house and are behind on your mortgage, selling directly may be your best option. It is important to consider the advantages of working with a direct buyer like Southern House Buyers , especially if you are in a hurry to sell. You can be ahead of the lender and the foreclosure process by selling directly. You could get a cash off from Southern House Buyers and close in 7 to 14 days!

The best way to sell your Spanish Fort house is to Southern House Buyers , even if you are behind on your mortgage! Unlike traditional listings, you will have a guaranteed sale, a quick closing date you can rely on to avoid foreclosure. To learn more, send us a message or call 251-333-7556 at any time!